Welcome to the website for Maygrove Peace Park Friends Group

This is the website for information and news about Maygrove Peace Park Friends Group. You can get updates of news about facilities, special events and activities in the park on the News & Events Page, where you can also view the latest bulletins issued by the Friends Group.  You  can read about the history of  the site and creation of Maygrove Peace Park in the Historical Background.  The Photo Gallery provides a visual overview of the park. If you are interested in being involved in the Friends Group, please drop in to Sidings Community Centre, situated at the top of the Park, or contact us on 020-7625-6260, email info@sidings.org.uk.  If you are local to the Park, also look on the notice-boards situated at both entrances to the park. 

As Maygrove Peace Park is one of Camden Council’s Parks, more information can also be found on the Camden Council website in the section on Parks & Open Spaces.

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